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I Gained Admission To School Abroad, But My School Refused to Release My Results; Old Students Lament Delay In Getting Certificates From Ibadan Polytechnic

Some graduates of The Polytechnic, Ibadan, Oyo State, have decried the delay in the issuance of certificates by the institution despite having graduated some years back.

The graduates, particularly Ordinary National Diploma holders, told SaharaReporters that they finished from the institution in 2018 and had done the necessary clearance.

According to them, their names had even appeared on the convocation list which shows that all registrations had been duly completed.

However, they said it has been tough obtaining the certificates and transcripts from the institution to further their studies in other schools. 

One of them, who graduated in 2018, said as efforts to further his studies were on, he applied for the statement of result the same year but this was only successful after two years. 

In 2020, he got the statement of result, which he has since used in some applications to institutions both in Nigeria and abroad. 

Upon acceptance, he had been required to get the original copy of his certificate and transcript from the polytechnic, which he has applied for since November, 2021.
However, till now, nothing has been done and according to him, he has spent not less than N100, 000 for the processing.

He said, ”I completed my National Diploma in Mechatronics since 2018 and the school did not release my statement of the result until 2020. I have since applied for further studies but I need my certificate and transcript.

“I applied for the certificate in November 2021, I paid all required fees and charges for the release of the certificate, up till now there is no green light to get the certificate soon.

“All the courses I took while at the polytechnic were duly registered and throughout my stay at the poly, I never had any issue of missing results. I had no problem, my name was always on the score sheet and as a matter of fact, my name was on the graduating list. Even in the convocation list, my name was there. 
”I got a statement of result already but now I needed to apply for the certificate so I can further my studies.

Normally, after the statement of result, they said it will take like one year for the certificate to be ready. I got the notification of the result in 2020 and in November 2021, I had to apply for the certificate and I was told to come back after a month but since then up until now, the certificate is not ready.”

Another affected graduate said, ”I have also been trying to process my certificate from the school and I have a contact person there but what he keeps telling me is that the certificate is not ready. 

“I graduated two years ago, I had no problem, school fees was paid up to date, clearance done, all the levies were already sorted but it has been so difficult to get a statement of result. I wonder how long it will take to finally get the certificates. Some of my colleagues simply started all over again because they couldn’t just deal with waiting. They had to start with their SSCE certificates from scratch, like they’ve never attended a higher institution before.”

Another aggrieved person said he already gained admission to both local and foreign institutions several times but have had to forfeit such over inability to get the transcript and certificate from the polytechnic.

He said, “I already gained admission in institutions in Nigeria and abroad but was unable to proceed, I was home for two years because the statement of result was not ready. Okay, after we crossed the hurdle, I had to go for Industrial training but now that other opportunities have come up, my certificate is required. I applied for certificate again and paid close to N100, 000 as charges to get the certificate and transcript. 

“As a matter of fact, they’ve not even started processing my transcript. I requested for my transcript because I needed it for admissions but they have not been started processing it yet. Another problem with the transcript is that we cannot process it online. I had to go to school to submit files here and there. I envisage another delay for maybe another one year and I hope not.

“Over two months now, the certificate is not ready and imagine transcript that is part of the prerequisite for processing admission in some other places is also not ready. These people are in the educational sector, they know the right thing and they know there are deadlines. If they delay further, they want all our efforts, money and all to be wasted. 

”The problem is immediately we graduated in 2018, the school wiped off our profile from the database (portal) so it’s even difficult to track the progress of the transcript or certificate. There is no means for students to apply for transcripts online. The issue is, some people in school have the authority to handle such things, they have a special portal for it. 

”Normally, we are supposed to pay on our portal but they have removed our details from the portal. In fact, the first time I went to school for the transcript, I tried to log in to my profile on the website, I couldn’t. When I went to the cyber cafe, I was told they wiped off our profile. They designated some cyber cafes within the school to access the portal.”

This comes amid a backlash on higher institutions in Nigeria delaying issuiance of certificates and transcripts to graduates who have been duly cleared. 
Some months ago, a graduate of The Polytechnic Ibadan, lamented the failure of the institution’s authorities to provide his academic transcripts for the past two years since he finished his Higher National Diploma.

The source, who graduated in 2019, revealed that many graduates of the school could not proceed to pursue other academic programmes in other schools when there were no transcripts to tender.
He told SaharaReporters at the time that he was already having difficulty in his place of work over the transcript.
Also in 2020, another Nigerian graduate, Olanrewaju Soyinka, said the delay in issuance of certificate at Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta, Ogun State, served as a major cause of setback for him in his application for a postgraduate programme abroad. 

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