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‘I Faked Having Covid to go on Night out -TikToker Ellie found

‘I faked having Covid to go on night out – it was going well until my boss text’
TikToker Ellie found.

The last two years have been a bit of a nightmare for all of us, but as with every situation, you’re always going to get someone who tries to take advantage.

That’s exactly what one woman did when she tried to fake having Covid to her boss, so she could get out of work and go on a big night out. Sneaky.

TikToker Ellie thought her master plan had gone brilliantly, as she partied it up with pals in a nightclub – until everything came crashing down when she received an ominous text from her boss.

Ellie replied telling her boss she was at home and asked him why he was asking, playing along with her lies that she had Covid and therefore had to isolate at home.

How come you’re out?” he responded. Uh oh, busted. But, instead of admitting defeat, Ellie decided to go in even harder with the lie and replied: “I’m not? Why’ve you thought that?

Her boss quickly replied and said he’d seen her out on one of her friend’s Snapchat stories. Rookie mistake, Ellie. Rookie mistake.

“My test was negative, I did one of my mum’s PCR tests and they came back straight away because she works in a care home,” she desperately replied. “So I went to Lily’s birthday party just to show my face but I can be back at work tomorrow because I’m negative.”

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