“I Did Not Even Know Where My Marriage Certificate Was Because I Felt It Was For Life – Blessing CEO

Blessing Okoro, popularly known as Blessing CEO, took to her social media page and revealed what she went through in her marriage with her ex-husband.

Blessing CEO said that she was into an abusive marriage with her ex-husband but she could not record anything to show as proof of what her ex-husband did to her. She added that people who keep video records of the abuse in their relationships are the real enemies and she advised that people should run away from such persons.

Blessing CEO, however, said that she did not even know where her marriage certificate was because she felt her marriage was forever.

According to Blessing CEO, she said: “Run from anybody with a camera, especially in a relationship and marriage… Enemy within. All the abuse my ex-husband gave me, I did not record 1, because I know that words can be forgotten but views can be used against you for life. I did not even know where my marriage certificate was because I felt it was for life. I was relaxed. If you record me in vulnerability you have been an enemy within”.

Looking at what Blessing CEO said, she believes that anyone who records his or her in a relationship is the real enemy because words can be easily forgotten but videos will be used against the person for life.

Do you agree with what Blessing CEO said?

Does it mean that anyone who is in an abusive relationship should not keep a video record as proof of the abuse?

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  1. Marriage is ordained and it is a work in Progress,both parties have to agree to make it work except if either of them is a product of broken marriage.tolerance,self preservation goals setting and commitment to the success of the marriage is the oil that drives the union to absolute success no marriage is without friction communication smoothen the rough edges no violence talk it out forgive each other and move on.tolerate each others weakness as you are both from different background love conquer all . what is your purpose that cannot be achieved inside of marriage? That you had to quit marriage to pursue. The effect on the product of the union and their growing years and other children support ,both parental support.it in old age you Will know that marriage is sweet.

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