How Sportybet Account Is hacked By Fraudsters And How To Prevent It From Happening (Details)

With current success by fraudsters to hack people sportybet account through terrible means is alarming, recently a report is flying over the internet about a young Nigerian man who lost about N1.5M in his sportybet account to Fraudsters, it is indeed a great menace.

It is now important we are armed with the knowledge of the different ways our Sportybet can be hacked by fraudsters.

This will help us better discern their gimmicks, avoid their traps and keep our money safe.

According to narrative by a victim said:

SportyBet is Fraud guys beware
My sporty bet account was hacked and all the money in my bank account was withdrawn since the platform encouraged the saving of our banks details online (on the sporty site).

The platform permitted the hacker to log me out of my account, change my password, and have control access of my account to the extent of making a deposit via my account and made withdrawals with different bank details not registered with the account and all my effort to change my password was all abortive when I noticed I could not log into my account.

To my amazement sporty bet allowed withdrawal from my account to another person’s account and all my money was wiped off from my account

To Prevent your account from being hacked by fraudsters don’t to this following:

Never save your ATM Card on sportybet .

Always deposit through bank transfer or QR Payment .

Never attends to any Message asking you to send an otp before you can deposit money onto it. With that. You’re safe from scammers.

Also the below false video footage teaching how to get double of your money is totally false and fake, it is a method used by scammers to get access to your bank account through sportybet account if you input your password and ATM number in the name of getting double of your money after hacking sportybet account, they will get access to your account and all your gone

Watch Video and don’t false victims.

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