High School Musical: The Series season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot and All We Know So Far

A mockumentary musical drama streaming television series, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series is an American mockumentary musical drama streaming television series developed by Tim Federle for Disney+ and inspired by the High School Musical film series. This animated series is created by Chorus Boy and Salty Pictures in partnership with Disney Channel, with showrunner Oliver Goldstick taking the reins for the first four episodes. Federle took over as showrunner for the balance of the first season and the whole of the season following that.

In a fictionalised version of East High School, which was the location where the original film was filmed, the series follows a group of adolescent theatre aficionados as they stage High School Musical: The Musical as their school’s production of the musical. Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Bassett, Matt Cornett, Sofia Wylie, Larry Saperstein, Julia Lester, Dara Reneé, Frankie Rodriguez, Mark St. Cyr, Kate Reinders, and Joe Serafini appear in the series, which premiered on ABC on September 22nd.

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series aired as a preview simulcast on Disney Channel, ABC, and Freeform on November 8, 2019, ahead of its launch on Disney+ on November 12. The first season consisted of ten episodes and was broadcast across all three networks. The series was renewed for a second season by Disney+ in October 2019, prior to the series’ launch. The second season will air on May 14, 2021, and will consist of 12 episodes. The series got renewed for a third season in September 2021, with the first episode of season three anticipated to air in early 2022. The series has garnered overwhelmingly excellent reviews, with many praising the performances of the performers, notably those of Bassett and Rodrigo, in particular. In 2020, it was recognised with a GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Kids & Family Programming.

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series season 3 potential release date: When will it return on Disney+?

Yes. On September 13, Disney+ announced on Twitter that High School Musical: The Musical: The Series had been officially renewed for a third season for the streaming service. “Buckle up for Season 3, Wildcats,” said a tweet from Disney+.

Despite the fact that there is no official release date for High School Musical: The Musical: The Series season 3 as of yet, Disney+ has stated that it will premiere in 2022. In a tweet on November 12, they said, “We already feel shivers knowing that #HSMTMTS season 3 will premiere in 2022.”

TIME magazine published an interview with Olivia Rodrigo in which she stated that production will begin in January 2022. It’s probable that season 3 will premiere around the same time as the second season, which aired in May. Episodes will most likely air once a week on Disney+, similar to the prior two seasons.

Who will be in the HSMTMTS season 3 cast?

Every single one of our favourite characters from High School Musical: The Musical: The Series season 2 will be back for season 3. Expect to see familiar faces such as Joshua Bassett (Ricky), Matt Cornett (E.J. ), Sofia Wylie (Gina), Larry Sapperstein (Big Red), Julia Lester (Ashlyn), Dara Renée (Kourtney), Frankie Rodriguez (Carlos), and Joe Seradini (Seb) return to their respective roles.

Fans of Olivia Rodrigo who are anxious that her new job as a singer would prevent Nini from participating in season 3 need not be concerned any longer. Olivia said to The Guardian in May 2021 that she is now “committed to HSM for two more years,” and she also revealed to TIME that she will appear in season 3 of the show. According to her statements in the Guardian, she may also appear in season 4.

Additionally, Mark St Cyr. (Mr. Benjamin Mazzara) and Kate Reinders (Miss Jenn), who play East High’s favourite teachers, will return for more HSMTMTS entertainment. Season 2 stars Olivia Rose Keegan (Lily), Roman Banks (Howie), and Derek Hough (Zack) will all return, as will the rest of the cast from season 2.

Not to add, given Nini’s continued presence on the show, Jordan Fisher (Jamie) will most likely have a larger part in season 3.

With regard to the season’s new characters, it will be set in Camp Shallow Lake, which will be modelled after the Camp Rock summer camp. Jet, the strange new youngster at Camp Shallow Lake, will be played by Adrian Lyles. In the film, Saylor Bell will portray Maddox, a quick-witted technician, and Meg Donnelly will portray Val, a confident camper who has been trained as a counsellor.

Dewey Wood, the Camp Director of Camp Shallow Lake, will be played by Jason Earles, who is most known for his role on Hannah Montana. Corbin Bleu, who played Chad in the original films, will also appear as himself.

High School Musical season 3 plot: What will the third season be about?

Throughout the history of High School Musical, the characters and the writers have always been adept at dealing with adversity.

As a creative team, we were given a Herculean task. Is it possible to re-imagine and re-create the original High School Musical movie while still capturing its pleasure and magic? Head of Disney Channels Worldwide Gary Marsh commented before the premiere of the first season: (via DeseretNews). What if you were blinded and had to solve a Rubik’s Cube?” In fact, Tim and Oliver have done just that, together with an incredible ensemble of actors, directors, and crew members.

Following the success of season two, and increasing the number of Disney+ subscribers, is their next task. They plan to do this in part by reaffirming their commitment to inclusion and diversity.

The diversity of the cast has always been an important part of High School Musical, and series creator Tim Federle was especially pleased of it coming into the second season.

“We started Season 2 with the question, ‘What can we do better?’” What can we do better? What about our Waiting for Guffman and Christopher Guest origins, though? Federle made the comment (via Decider).

“It all begins with the actors.’ Then there was the authors’ room, where a significant sum was spent. It’s a largely female writers room, and the voices and authenticity and truth that these incredible writers brought to the table everyday I think really made their way on screen, which was intentional because I wanted to see Dara [Reneé] step into the limelight, as she should, and have a character who isn’t only defined by her relationship to Nini, for instance.”

Season three will be no different, so you can expect a wide range of stories and themes.

Season three sees the plot shift from Salt Lake City, Utah to Los Angeles, California, when the gang attends a drama camp in the latter city.

Following up from their performances of High School Musical in season one and Beauty and the Beast in season two, this season’s musical of choice will be Frozen.

As a result of the changed venue, several well-known characters may not be able to attend since they’ve decided not to. Nini Salazar-Roberts, Rodrigo’s Nini Salazar-Roberts, might be an example of this.

Storylines were “left more open-ended” for Nini, according to show creator Tim Federle, who spoke to Hollywood Life. A handful of characters had their fates left unclear since the writers wanted to give them as much leeway as possible moving ahead.

It’s not that I don’t admire Olivia as a musician, but rather that I admire her as a person and the ambitions she has for herself.” With Olivia, I’m a huge fan of High School Musical! Nini’s path in season three is still up in the air, but I think Olivia is a huge component of our success.”
Because there are so many options, Federle admitted to Hollywood Life that picking a musical for the presentation was difficult. Ultimately, I believe the show’s music is a great storytelling tool, but I believe it’s all about the character interactions. With the exception of Ashlyn (Big Red), I think the public is more interested in Gina (Nini) and Ricky (Big Red). When picking the next show, we take it very seriously.”

However, the new episodes can be expected to be well-written, regardless of what they’re covering. High School Musical: The Series star Joshua Bassett revealed that the scripts for season 3 are getting to him.

“I am not [nervous] at all.” I’m ecstatic about the opportunity. I think we’re going to have a fantastic season, and I think it’s going to be a tremendous treat. In my opinion, this season is going to be the most enjoyable yet in terms of writing, morality, and everything else. When he appeared on The Zach Sang Show and declared, “I’m extremely excited,” he meant it.

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