“He Waited For Me To Be Done With School, Before He Proposed- Lady Reveals How She Met Her Partner

A Nigerian lady, identified by her Instagram name as “mizteeluv revealed how she met her partner.

 The lady said .

 ” I met my husband during summer when my twin sister invited me to six flags. I met Teetoo and he introduced me to his friend, Ibrahim. The atmosphere was quite embracing so we were talking and gisting.

 ” Afterwards, Teetoo said i should ride with Ibrahim, so he won’t be the only one in the car . We drove to Teetoo’s hotel first, then we headed home and from there he asked for my number.

 ” We became very close and inseparable, but I was very sceptical about a long-distance relationship because he stays in Atlanta while I was schooling in another state. But he waited for me to finish my study before he proposed. I knew I was going to marry him when I saw how caring and amazing he is.

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  1. Wearing a camvass with suit.What kind of Nigerian civilisation.No standard or class behaviour.What kind of culture…

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