Guy Is Offended by His Girlfriend Because She Refuses to Live with Him – Story of the Day

Everyone knew Jo Anne as the popular girl in high school. She excelled in her academics, had multiple circles of friends, and was also active in organizations and other volunteer work.

She was quite the inspirational and attractive girl that attracted many suitors who wanted to pursue her. However, Jo Anne never kept a long-lasting relationship because of her family’s outlook on life.

Jo Anne’s parents were heavy conservatives, which meant that she was never allowed to express herself through activities, make-up, or clothing. Everything had to be approved by her parents, and if they believed that it wasn’t lady-like, Jo Anne would not be seen doing anything close to such.

In an age where teens are meant to explore and discover themself, this became detrimental to Jo Anne’s growth and mental health. Her reality led to many disputes within the family, bringing frustrations and arguments during family dinners.

At one point, the tensions extended to Jo Anne’s social life. While her friends could experience romantic getaways and spend time in their significant other’s residence, Jo Anne’s most outstanding achievement was to merely hold an intimate conversation in person or via social media.

Her parents were hell-bent on ensuring that their daughter never stayed with a boy in the same bedroom. She was never allowed to join trips, nor was she allowed to visit someone she was seeing.

Soon after, the teen felt that her parents were holding her back from living life to the fullest. She expressed her disagreements with their rules and admitted that she saw someone she wanted to spend more time with.

As expected, her mother immediately made it clear that she did not want her to invest too much of herself in relationships at such a young age. Confused and angry, Jo Anne answered back and told her mother that they did not own her. “It’s my life, and I have every right to do what I want when I want,” she said.

Jo Anne’s mother simply brushed off her daughter’s steam and asked her to sit down to talk. The mother explained that the situation was more than just trying to control her and who she loved. It was more of the importance of reserving herself for her future partner.

Her mother just wanted Jo Anne’s best interest. Their decisions as parents were to ensure that she would have no regrets when the time comes that she finally finds someone she will settle down with.

It was a difficult lesson for Jo Anne to understand, but she realized that the concept of true love is essential with her parents as an inspiration. She was sure that she wanted to reserve the best for her future husband.

Years later, at the age of 22, she met a young and courteous man, Adonis, with who she got along. He was successful, driven, and family-oriented. All of his traits pointed out to be a great husband. After nine months, he proposed, and Jo Anne said yes.

Adonis also made the offer to Jo Anne that she move in in his apartment. The place was recently renovated and relatively spacious, which he thought would be the perfect space for both of them to co-exist.

However, Jo Anne declined the offer because she believed that they should only live together after marriage. Adonis was offended, feeling that Jo Anne had no faith in their relationship. She hinted that if he wasn’t willing to go through matrimony first, that he may not be the one for her.

Adonis found it impractical that Jo Anne was relying on the symbolic idea of marriage before living together. He claimed that living together would see how compatible and comfortable they were under the same roof before tying the knot.

Jo Ann left Adonis at that moment, believing that getting married to a woman should not be based on a trial period of living together. However, she still ponders upon her big decision and wonders if her parents raised her correctly. What do you think?

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