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Government Should Persecute Those Using Human Part For Ritual- Traditional Worshippers Reveals

The worshippers of different traditional religions on the platform of Traditional Religion Worshippers Association, Ibadan Branch in a statement on Thursday urged the Federal Government to order a clampdown on perpetrators on this “wicked and murderous acts” all over the country.

The Chairman, Ibadan Branch of the Traditional Worshippers Association of Nigeria, Adefabi Dasola and the Secretary, Mogaji Dr Fakayode Fayemi Fatunde, said no Yoruba deity was recorded to have used human beings or parts of their bodies for riches.

They said the current situation in Nigeria and Africa where some youths exhibit tons of cash, jewellery posh automobiles and other material wealth on social media, thereby inviting unsuspecting members of the public to subscribe to the same venture is horrible and should be stamped out by the Federal Government.

Traditionalists claimed that the daily reports of killings and kidnappings for ritual purposes is traceable to the belief that wealth could be made by sacrificing human lives.

They claimed that the general notion that ritual money is done by Ifa priests is not true, saying it is in the public domain that people of all religious leanings engaged in it.

The body added that Ifa adherents would rather call on ‘Eledumare’ ( God almighty) to bless whoever was seeking wealth through them and whenever appeasements were to be done, simple items like sugarcane, salt, bananas among others edible items would be used and not human parts.

They also called on regulatory bodies to censor any Nigerian movie that has contents projecting the use of human beings for money rituals.

They said the false projections had lured unguided youths to believe in the lies and engaged in money rituals, especially killings and selling of human body parts.

The statement read, “We are calling on the Federal Government to, as a matter of urgent cause, clamp down on Nigerians proclaiming to have the power of wealth through rituals on social media and other platforms, they should be brought to justice, we are the butt of ridicule all over the world today because those in power have failed to be proactive against this horrendous development.

“The world no longer have respect for our traditions, they think we are all guilty of human rituals, no history of Africa or Yoruba gave credence to wealth through the use of human beings for rituals.

“We should lay much of the blame on the doorsteps of our leaders in the society, their display of wealth in the face of widespread poverty, where majority of youths are jobless and what belongs to the people are kept in the hands of a few, they are the major cause.

“We have to therefore put the record straight, Ifa oracle does not support the use of human parts to make wealth, prayers can be offered for an individual who is engaged in a job for him to be prosperous, no Ifa adherent will do that.

“Our government went after Twitter the other time for whatever reason they claimed the platform was banned for. But today, TikTok, Instagram and other social media platforms are being used by these people to escalate the rate of killings in our society as our young ones now believe it is easier to access wealth through rituals with human parts than doing a diligent work.

“We call on the government to quickly work alongside the owners of social media platforms to either ban those exhibiting such horrible contents on the platforms or make it totally impossible to upload such.

“We also call on all religious bodies to start working on mental reorientation of their congregations, no human society survives the slope we are descending, a nip in time, saves nine.”

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