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“God Is not The Reason I Made It This Far In Life, This Is Just Common Sense” – Ifa Funsho

Controversial Twitter user, Ifa Funsho has taken to her Twitter account and made a tweet concerning religion once again. This isn’t the first time she’s coming out to criticize various religions; what some of us might not know is that she was once a Christian.

Ifa made a post over a year ago giving a clue as to why she abandoned Christianity. According to her, she was a serious Christian, attending church services, praying to God, and all that. She however changed her faith when she realized Christianity is a foreign religion.

Few moments ago, she made a tweet saying God isn’t the reason she made it this far in life, saying it’s not her time to join her ancestors. She then made mention to popular Nigerian playwright, novelist, poet, and essayist, Wole Soyinka saying he’s over eighty years of age and he’s an atheist, yet he’s still alive and successful. Further making claims that the most successful people in the world don’t believe in God.

Is there any sense in what Ifa Funsho is saying? Kindly leave your comments below. And please, don’t forget to like, share, and also follow me for more.

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  1. Vain knowledge and infact, what a nonsense to claim she’s successful by herself. Maybe she equally created herself. It really a BIG SHAME TO HER to ever mentioned she was a Christian because she was never a Christian.

  2. What! Want you to know is that,hell is there waiting for sin people heaven is there waiting for righteous people,if you believe Satan they, believe that Jesus was before Satan and he is the one that Crete you and I Satan,he loves you, give your life to him, true our father was owes serving others god’s thing’s go well with them as we was told, but now we know the truth that when we die we will surely go home, Satan uses, things of this world to send people inside hell, who soever love the world the love of my father is not in him, God will have Macy on us,

  3. She has never been a Christian, when a person is born in a Christian home, doesn’t mean he or she is a Christian, being a Christian is a personal encouunter with the Lord, Christianity is a way of life not religion.

  4. Ignorant Funsho,your understanding of life and God is completely absord . Don’t you know that “a man’s life does not consist in the aboundance of what he pocess?” Do you not also know that God is not interested in the death of (a sinner )an atheist. Don’t mistake the longsoffering of God for
    inpoottency. The issue of worship of God does not have home or foreign base. For God so loved “THE WORLD” that he gave his only begotten Son, that “WHOSOEVER” believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.
    If you think you don’t need God now, you will automatically wake up one day to realise you cannot avoid Him.

  5. But you were also told that your mode of dressing is non African, and you continued, my dear you need Jesus Christ now. Soyinka believes in God no matter what he says out there. Don’t be decieved.

  6. Ifa is right somehow, there’s God, but must not worship through Christianity or Islamic and many religions platform, but one thing she must know is that there’s infinite power that when u believe/have faith, and call upon he will answer u, the problem of this world is religion, we should stop attacking her just because she believes in what she Believe

  7. I may agree to what she said cos everyone has right to religion. Every religion has there myths so all the religions claim they are the way to heaven.

  8. Funsho ,it is well with you ,you are converted but not broken,I disagree with what you said completely

  9. For claiming your successes to your own power and might, remember Nebuchadnezzar in the Bible before you roam the streets like an animal. Who are you to mention God in the first place, is He your mate? You have mentioned Wole Soyinka which is your mate. Stop insulting the Almighty God and mind your business.

  10. My sister as much as you have doubt about this so called religion Christianity, believe me or not there is a supreme being controlling this universe of ours.

  11. We have all been given a will but God’s perfect will can never be challenged by any mortal. For such a promising young girl to come up with such an idea, leaves much to be desired from her parents. Bluntly speaking Funsho had never experienced the new birth in Christ Jesus. If she had by now she would have discovered that there’s a very big difference between the footprint of a cow on a wet soil and the shape of the capital letter B. Funsho, please note that Jesus really loves you. Christianity, being a way of life of a person or people who have made up their minds to follow Jesus is the BEST thing that can happen to any mortal. Because you are still alive and breathing, I prophesy to you that satan can never have his way in your life. CAST YOUR CARES UPON JESUS FOR HE CARES FOR YOU. Funsho, you MUST testify of the goodness and mercies of God.

  12. Hope you know the story of the rich fool whom God made wealthy then he neglected him and thought to himself that everything is by his strength. Unfortunately for him,God called him FOOL. So what u have declared about yourself is that u are a FOOL. GOD told him the rich fool that he won’t enjoy a dime of all that he has achieve and that’s how he died like a dog. I fear for u….that u r not just declaring yourself a FOOL but also calling DEATH unto your miserable soul. Repent and return to the Lord!!!!!

  13. I can’t blame this lady….she was not told the truth about Christianity and many of them around her failed to demonstrate God enough for her to comprehend.
    That’s why her philosophy changed drastically and she cannot believe in God again.
    But there is still hope.all is not lost.she c

    an still retrace her way.

  14. It amazes me when l read ppl saying “l was once a christain” You only discover they were just church goers, who are far from being christains!
    For a “christain to label God a foreign God is ludicrous. Shows she had nothing close to knowing God that christains worship!
    She NEVER was a christain. And has freedom to chose to acknowledge God or not. Her choice! A day comes, when she would face God whether or not she believes it. Then, she’ll know the truth, though late!!!

  15. Two wrongs they said can’t make a right. Just teach her what she needs to know. She already know that the world believes there’s an Almighty God but that this God doesn’t work the manner described by the crusaders who forced christianity or any other religion on others. This is a fact. Ifa is unconsciously seeking for the way to the only one and true God. Let her know that the best religion can do is to try to direct our thoughts to the subject of God and spiritism. God did not refer to His followers as people any known religion as religion is a creation of humans. Teach Ifa that ever since the beginning of the first human God himself established a peculiar pattern through which He relates with humans till date and that this pattern is only revealed by God to any human who dedicates him/her self to have a personal relationship with God. Teach Ifa that our relationship with God is personal irrespective of age, gender, race, culture, location, colour and other demographics. In my foolishness, I don’t think it’s very pleasant for us to rain abuses on one another due to one’s shortcomings on the subject of God and spiritism given it’s abstract nature and it’s age that is far older than that of man’s existence. The best we can do is to teach one another because we have a common enemy.

  16. Most of this people that comes out to claim GOD or JESUS does not exist,are working hand in hand with devil to keep diverting and decieve the believers,but I tell you only those who call them selves Christian’s and don’t have a strong root in Christ will believe.becos they are shaking already,the Bible says let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall

  17. People can be sincerely wrong, this is one of them. The Bible says it’s only a fool that says there’s no God.

  18. Funsho has the right to whatever she believes in.I believe strongly that it is your relationship with your fellow human that determines whether u make heaven or hell

  19. Money is not the sign of success because if what you have is money with out Jesus Christ you have nothing.

  20. Jesus still love you. But take it or you live it hell await you if you don’t repent. How many lives have you touched positively to mention success. What shall it profit a man after becoming an atheist, with 80 years and gain the whole world but suffer the lost of his soul. You are tool small to say what you don’t know. Don’t allow devil to use you to decieve many that you can do without God. You would have created you self and your ancestors.

  21. It’s true jare! There are a lot of successful Ashawo out there, God didn’t make them successful. Not every success comes from God but everyone shall give an account to Him someday!

  22. Am sure The Lord Jesus Christ has never been part of your life otherwise you wouldn’t be talking like this 🗝️🗝️

  23. yes,I agry wit you,but someone is responsible for con continuation of this universe I strongly believe that God is God but some persons acknowledge him and worship him in different ways

  24. It is so good that this lady’s case has come out for all to know it — unbelief and distrust in Christ Jesus. She needs our prayer support and advice. The Devil wants to grip her into eternal damnation.
    Jesus told Peter, “Simon, the Devil wants to sift all of you like wheat; but I’ve prayed for you that your faith may not fail; and when you have come to yourself, you too must lend strength to your brothers.” Luke22;31–
    Let’s not disparage her but lend strength to her — sympathize and empathise with her. She is young and does not know many things. You know the Devil can confuse and beguile a person. So many people have defiled conscience they have been blinded by the Devil 2Timothy 2:26 and 2Corinthians 4:4
    But Paul said, “We have good conscience.”
    So now let’s get her around for CHRIST.

  25. You can be successful in life and still be dead in the spirit. All you atheists, unbelievers like you are dead in the spirit despite all you have achieved. It’s foolish to say that christianity is a white man’s religion, christianity is not even a religion to begin with so you don’t know christianity and that’s why you dropped it.

  26. Jesus was not white and is not the God of our oppressors the history of the white man clearly states that. Jesus was a Hebrew man and a descendant of Isaac and David who was one if the kings of the twelve tribes, the white men are from Mount caucus and are descendants of Esau trace this. And if u really where a Christian you would look for prove and not just believe whatever you hear beside, I personally think that you were just looking for and excuse to live the life you always wanted to live doing watever you want which mostly involves being a rebel and stuff that you like to pleasure yourself with the mentality that there’s no higher cause than your’s and its seriously sad. Once again Jesus was not a White man. And also being a Christian isn’t solely base on just going to Church or being a choir member or whatever it is you said. Try reading your Bible because it might come as a shock to you but there’s more to it than just Church child!

  27. Ooh…ooh, that young lady has lost the truck, infact she needs to confess any curse from God. She’s talking nonsense to say that she’s making without God.

  28. Ooh…ooh, that young lady has lost the truck, infact she needs to confess toavoidany curse from God. She’s talking nonsense to say that she’s making without God.

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