Girl Refuses to Take Her Husband’s Surname, and His Mother Considers It a Betrayal – Story of the Day

When Gwen decided to marry Lorenzo, he informed him that she did not plan on changing her surname. As an only child, she wanted to carry her family’s name with pride. Lorenzo took it for granted, but his mother did not. Here’s what happened next.

When Gwen’s mother, Jane, got pregnant, she and her husband, Andro, hoped they had a son and waited until birth to know their firstborn’s gender. They were both surprised to have a girl and loved her just as they would have loved a son.

“She’s more than a son to me,” Gwen’s father said. A few years later, Jane and Andro tried to have another child but were only met with despair when doctors claimed the chances were slim. Although Jane had a successful first pregnancy, she was diagnosed with second infertility.

Nevertheless, the couple loved their only daughter and raised her in a safe environment. When she grew older, Gwen decided to keep her last name even after marriage since she was the only child. She also told her parents that she would always bring pride to their name, making them happy.

At age 27, Gwen tied the knot with her first and last love, Lorenzo. Before getting married, she discussed keeping her last name, at least for the meantime. However, should they have children, they will take after Lorenzo’s surname with no need to discuss.

Gwen also did not want the hassle of changing all her documents and social networks like many other brides. Frankly, she had no time to do all the paperwork as she had a nine to five job. Lorenzo accepted all his wife’s wants and reacted positively. He also knew that Gwen was the only child in the family.

Lorenzo completely understood his wife and stood by her side, but it was saddening to see that his mother and Gwen could not see eye-to-eye.

Gwen and Lorenzo only discussed the matter with each other and not with his relatives. Shortly after the wedding, Gwen’s mother-in-law asked about changing her passport name and including her husband’s surname. Naturally, Gwen said that she was not going to change her surname.

Her mother-in-law took it as a slap on the face. Apparently, not everyone over the age of 60 has moved past the patriarchal system. She reproached Lorenzo for choosing an ungrateful wife and stopped talking to Gwen altogether. It came to a point where she refused to greet Gwen on her birthday because of the issue.

Lorenzo was just as upset over his mother and tried to talk about his wife’s choice. However, their conversation turned sour within minutes. He then tried talking to Gwen in hopes of convincing her to, at the very least, use a hyphen in her surname. Gwen started explaining herself and said:

“Maybe I’ll write a book, become a famous singer, or eventually win the Nobel Prize! Of course, those are exaggerations, but if it does happen, I want my family’s last name to be known.”

Lorenzo completely understood his wife and stood by her side, but it was saddening to see that his mother and Gwen could not see eye-to-eye with this issue. Their silent feud has been going on for the past two months

Why do you think Gwen’s mother-in-law was offended by her decision? Do you think Gwen should just change her last name, although against her will?

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