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“Fasting Is Not For The Body, Don’t Starve Yourself To Death” -Pastor Abel Damina Tells Members (Video)

Dr Abel Damina, the Senior Pastor of Power City International who is well known for his teachings and corrections on some misconceptions revolving around the body of Christ, told his members not to deprive their body of food in the name of fasting to gain powers.

According to Abel Damina, each time you eat in the morning, it is called breakfast because you have fasted over the night. He went further to say that Religion made us believe that fasting is staying away from food. He used Daniel’s fast in the Bible as an example. It was recorded that Daniel fasted 21 days and he ate no pleasant bread. That means he ate bread. Fasting is like eating food without meat; not because you don’t have the meat but you decided to fast away the meat.

Pastor Abel Damina: “You can fast your mobile Phone, Television and work by shutting them down. Each time you fast without reading the Bible, you are on a hunger strike please.

“Fasting is a discipline that enables you to concentrate on your fellowship with God. Many people believe they fast for powers, no. You shall receive power after the Holy Ghost is come, not after fasting. Fasting doesn’t kill the flesh, the flesh is a way of thinking. Deal with your way of thinking and stop starving yourself to death.

“Your body is the Temple of the Holy Ghost, stop punishing it. It has being bought with a price, don’t abuse it. Treat it well, eat well, sleep well and take rest. There are things that are more important than food”.

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