Embarrassing! How My Husband Peed Inside of Me last Night while were Having S*× – Woman Narrates

This is so embarrassing so I’m going anonymous, I won’t mention names or ages here.

My husband literally peed inside of me last night while we were having an intercourse, It freaked me out and I didn’t know how to handle it. it was just so weird and

.I really can’t put into words how I felt but I do want to point out that I’m upset because he previously told me about trying to do it and I already said “NO!” but he went ahead and did it.

I was completely caught off guard, I did not agree to this weird experience and I definately didn’t enjoy it. We had an argument and he said I killed the fun with my reaction but he already knew how I felt about it.

He’s still hung up on the fight saying I overreacted for no.good reason at all but I don’t know. I found it really unpleasent and just weird.

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