Ebira Women Are Beautiful But Before You Marry Them, Know The Following About Them

Ebira Women are Beautiful But Before You Marry Them, Know The Following.

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Ebira is a tribe in Kogi State Nigeria who are found majorly in five Local Governments areas of the State (Okehi, Ajaokuta, Okene, Ogorimagongo and Adavi). Aside Kogi State, they are also spread accross other States especially Ondo and Ekiti State. 

Their women are extremely beautiful and are easily attracted to men. Their beauty could make you fall in love with them at first sight.

In as much as they are beautiful and attractive, there are things you need to know about them before you decide to marry from there. The reason is to brace you up on what is expected of you during the marriage. For that reason, you need to note the following things;

1. The tribe is dominated by Islam which means most of these beautiful Ebira women you are seeing are Moslems. They are not just Muslims but devoted Moslems who hardly get converted through Marriage. 

2. If you are interested in marrying an Ebira Lady, it is not your duty to inform her family of your intention. While in most tribes, the man mostly walk up to the lady’s family to declare him intention, in Ebira tradition, it is the family members of the man that does that. The man is not expected to go with them. 

3. (a) During Marriage introduction which is known by Ebiras as “ISE EWERE”, his family proceeds to their in-law’s house for some introductory rites.

(b) During the introduction, the family of the bride provide foods and drinks to entertain their visitors. 

(c) During the introduction, the groom’s family are to provide some items which includes;

✓ 100 Tubers of Yam

✓ Dried Fish And Bush Meat 

✓ Drinks

✓ Kolanut

✓ Palm Oil

✓ Bag of Salt

✓ Groundnut Oil

✓ Pieces of Jewelry and Adornment for the bride

✓ Clothing materials in a Box for the bride.

✓ Two wrappers for the bride (Optional)

✓ Money for the clan and elders of the family. 

Something about these items is that, it is not traditionally mandatory because it is dependent on the decision of the bride’s family. If they want the Marriage to be less on the their in-laws based on understanding, they might forfeit the items. 

Another thing to note about the items is that, most of them are shared among their extended family and neighbors so that they could pray for the couple. 

4. Bride Price

Bride Price is determined my the family of the bride and they mostly consider the financial strength of the groom. 

Meanwhile, there are some money that must be paid according to tradition;

1. “OZEMEIYI”. This is the money paid to prove that the groom is attracted to the bride. 

2. “OTANUGOVEI” It is the money paid for the joining together of the couple’s hands. 

3. “IDOZA” In the olden days, the man that is interested in their daughter had to help his in-law on the farm but these days, money is being paid to replace that. The money to be paid for that is the “IDOZA”.

Those are the most important things you should know about Ebira women and their Marriage before you proceed to marrying them. 

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  1. Although most of them are Muslims, but they still have a large number of christans among them, my wife is one.
    As for the bride price, it’s not as huge as claimed by the writer. But one trait that is common with Ebiras is their stubbornness,, maybe this is caused by their hatered for cheating . One good thing about them is that they love each other, and of course their beauty.

    1. Bro quite a long time I’ve been looking for them but I never met anyone. Pls if possible you can get me I will be grateful

  2. This is very interesting. I wish I could meet one but the problem is that am a Christian but this article butrayed that they don’t denounce Islam easily…..

  3. I am fortunate to marry one of them, very pretty intelligent and hard working. She was formerly a Muslim adherent but now a Christian working side by side with me in the vineyard of God.
    I blessed God for meeting her.

  4. I give God the glory for making me to meet my lovely wife from ebira land, I am from Osun state, a Yoruba land and fortunately the only son in-law from other tribes in my wife’s family. They took me as their son and shower me with love. My wife is very beautiful and hard-working. I am blessed to have her in my life. Praise the Lord. My wife is from Muslim family but now a graduate of RCCG school of disciples and very soon she will become a Deaconess. She had been supporting me in God’s work.

  5. Yes, the Ebira are the most trustworthy people, I çàn say, in the world. Their women are loving and patient wives to whoever is their husband, be he. American, Ghanian or Zimbabwean. Their men are most friendly than those of any other tribe. Let Ñigeiàns get a president from that minority tribe and there will be peace.

  6. I love the tribe very much.Now, what of if she is impregnated, will they compel the man ?To me,it is good for man to know his inlaw and do normal.God is in support of such.Once they become husband and wife, the woman is mine and she must follow me to my God.O pari

  7. I nearly married one but I wasn’t financially read then and she was ripe for marriage. When ebira lady loves you my brother you’ll automatically become a celebrated king in ur own small world.

  8. I am proud to be an Ebira person, everyone has good side as well as bad side as a human being but something is so special about us , we don’t like cheating. We hate it with passion be it a man or a woman we don’t tolerate it, so those single act can easily ignite our annoyance but we can be very lovely if our partners are trustworthy in their relationship. I am a good example of that. I do love my wife so much and she does the same. I am a proud anebira and I am very greatful to Almighty Allah for this . Thanks and love you all.

  9. Well, most of their ladies are pretty. but they don’t normally endure in marriage. They easily divorce.

  10. Egbira are part of migrant inhabitants of info and Ekiti but not part of our indegineous structure.Ogori majogo are on yoruba of by kogi origin and nature just like okun people and Oworo clan of lokoja.They are of Yoruba extraction sealed to the north by northern egemony through whiterulers of preindependence days.If u want to trace ur egbira people u can find them in nasarawa.U need to learn more before write sweet story about ur tribe.

  11. I’m proudly Anebira, and to the guy who says we are dirty pls try and move Close to us, EBIRA are not but we hate being cheated. We are the best ever when it comes to showing love and affection to our partners

  12. You are absolutely wrong. How can a whole race be dirty, except your parents are dirty and they raised you with dirty upbringing, without any caution or reservation. Apology to all esteemed readers.

  13. They are very beautiful, loving, caring and neat people. I intend to make one of them my second wife.

  14. I miss my lock in years,2006-2007 I could have married one of them is ondo state ,in owo Lg but she travels to get uncle in Lagos ,why I lost her contact and I was later transfer out of ondo to Igbo land ,but not all are good depending the character of the lady from her family ,all tribal woman are good but individual different ok


  16. Tell them. I know one married to a friend, she is a Christian and another one by a brother, she is also a Christian. The fact is that their women are better than their men in terms of kindness, being accommodating, friendliness a million times. This is not to say there are not some of their ladies with scosco like every other people just like we must have some of their men that are better than other men out there.

  17. I love my ibira woman. Shes very beautiful, loving and caring.
    They can love you die but their stubbornness is the only problem they have.

  18. I love ebira girls for their caring attitude, although I knew they are a little bit stubborn, but I later realized that they fight for a reason. I wasted time trying to get one as a second wife through a good friend of mine I met from the University, I met almost two ​or so, but my defect is that Im already a married man, Because of this they not interested. I honorably left the matter.

  19. No mind the evu and it is his tribe that is very popular for being dirty in the whole Nigeria. Pot calling kettle black.

  20. The Ebiras’ hate stealing.They are hardworking. But very stubborn. The stubbornness is product of hatred for cheating. Also, they are like the Igbos’ that can be found every where doing certain business. But farming is their basic occupation.
    But truth be told, an average Ebira man/woman is dirty. Except those of the white collar jobs in the cities.
    Am talking from experience; I used to travel to Ogamunana to stay with my grandma who hailed from there. I schooled with them in both my primary and secondary at Ayere and Ogidi respectively, all in Kogi State In fact, partially, am an Ebira. My late father house in Ayere-Ijumu, Kogi State is been occupied by the Ebiras’. But dirtiness is the only problem.
    In conclusion, an Ebira man can defend you with his blood on the ground of cheating. Also, an Ebira lady/ woman is respectful, dutiful. creative and beautiful. Mercy Johnson is a case study

  21. I have read through the articles dropped by the perspection of each contributors of how they know an Ebira person especially Ebira woman and each individual is equally entitled to his or her opinion. However an Ebira tribe is widely spread beyond the writer’s perspection, you will find Ebira tribe in Nassarawa state, Edo state and Taraba state as an indigene beyond Kogi state.

    An average Ebira person is a very hard working man or woman committed, dedicated and passionate to whatever he or she believes in, an average Ebira person is academically intelligent, scientifically creative and innovative, Ebira is majorly dominated by Islam as a religion but we have sizeable number of Christians too . Our stubbornness is normally exhibited if and only if one is trying to cheat or oppress an Ebira person.

    An average Ebira person is very conscious of his or her environment, conscious of what he or she wears, always dress neatly and most Ebira women dress properly to cover herself up and never allowed themselves to be taken over by western culture of dressing half nude . An average Ebira person is their brothers keepers, an Ebira person is always ready to to sacrifice his or her life to safe his brother/sister.

    An Ebira women being the topic of discussion are the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen, they are an epitome of beauty, loving and caring and I recommend them to any they would be prospective and responsible husband to go for.

    However we have our shortcomings just like any other ethnic groups but our good sides definitely outnumber some of our bad sides.

  22. They’re not dirty rather one must convert to their Islamic religion before you can have access to marry them.Their men can marry as many as they want, while the women remains silent, very self centered and religious conscious, and can’t marry Easterners

  23. They also have a enough respect,I did my IT there with a construction company (Forest engineering LTD)

  24. Those materials, are they for introduction or bride prize, if you have to get so much for ordinary introduction, what will they write for the engagement proper?

  25. Nice one but the only one that pains me is most ppl that use to say ebira are wicked pains me alot because is not all ebira that offend u.wickedness is by heart not by tribe.

  26. I will suggest you don’t get carried away on what you see.Ebira people don’t realy on what you brought the key. you have to take good care of your wife as well as the extended family.

  27. Abbey must be a bind man and deity human be in earth including his family for open his deity mouth saying Ebira girls are deity by hearing Abbey name you know is from deity family.


    Majority of Ebira women are irresistibly beautiful.
    Majority of Ebira women are notoriously stubborn
    Majority of Ebira women are not submissive (loyal) to their husbands
    Majority of Ebira women are not affectionate.
    Majority of Ebira women do not stay long in marriage because the don’t have endurance.
    Majority of Ebira women cheat on thier husbands and flirt a lot.
    Majority of Ebira women like to marry Yoruba men but hate Igbo.
    Majority of Ebira women are cheap to woo; in one attempt, you can get many of them
    Majority of Ebira women are not faithful wifes; they cheat easily.
    Majority of Ebira women are highly direspectful to their husbands.

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