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Don’t Dare Interfere Else There Will Be Consequences, Russian Government Warn Cyril Ramaphosa

The world is yet to embark on a ravaging situation, due to the current war between Ukraine and Russia. In a way of preventing the war, top countries has decided to work with Ukraine by sending them powerful ammunition.

South African government on hearing this, decided to place assistance, as they sent out up to 20000 military troops. Seeming that was not enough, His Excellency president Cyril Ramaphosa has decided to go down to Russia and the United States for them to have a brief discussion concerning the way the war can be stopped. Earlier today, Cyril Ramaphosa through his official Twitter handle shared a video of himself receiving an interview before he takes off. On the video, he made a caption which quotes. “We will be having engagements with Russia and the United States.”

The Russian government on seeing this through their official Twitter handle attacked him immediately. They pleaded with him, telling him that he shouldn’t dare to interfere in the war. Otherwise they will be serious repercussions. Through their official Twitter handle, they wrote. “With all due respect, Mr. President, do not dare to try to interfere; otherwise there will be serious consequences.” Other Russian citizens also notified him that he should maintain his lane, saying that the war doesn’t concern him. Following a report, it was being observed that President Putin of Russia warned that anyone who tries to interfere in the war will have no choice than to let their children being trained by another person.

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