Daddy Freeze Drags Pastor Fatoyinbo Over ‘Igbo Christians Are Stingy’ Statement [Video]

According to some reports online, the Founder of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly, popularly known as COZA, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo said that the Igbo Christians find it difficult to donate money to the church.

The Pastor while speaking during a sermon at his church in Abuja, noted that the Igbo people have large hearts but they prefer to do things at their will.

“Hustling is a curse, some persons find it difficult to give because of how much they hustled to get the money. The Igbo believe in God. It’s difficult for an Igbo guy to give. They have large heart, but they believe you shouldn’t work their minds. They are 90% Christians, but no megachurch”, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo said.

However the statement by the pastor did not sit well with Daddy Freeze who called out the pastor for making such statement. Daddy Freeze aired his view by saying such statement doesn’t speak good of the Igbo people.

Watch Video Below;

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  1. Good you can’t work on their minds to donate for you and as you rightly said,they hustle for their money.They probably don’t donate for you because they have observed that you’re a mind worker who works on people’s emotions, circumstances and frailties to force money out of their pockets.Besides,is your Church built for donations or winning of souls?

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