Condition That May Cause A Man’s Private Organ To Get Stuck During Intimacy

According to science, it is possible for a man’s private organ to get stuck during intimacy with a woman. Some people might think it’s just a story, but it can actually happen. According to the medical field, this condition is called penis captivus. It is very rare for you to see this kind of condition happen. It is advisable that when this occurs, you need to stay as relaxed as possible to avoid hurting yourself.

During intimacy, a man’s private organ gets bigger in size because of the flow of blood, while a woman’s private organ walls which are made of muscular tissues will expand, and contract during intimacy. When a woman’s private organ walls contract in excess, it can make the opening of the private organ to become small. This can make it difficult for a man’s private organ, to come out during intimacy.

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The only way to resolve this issue, is to wait for the woman’s private organ to become relaxed. This condition can occur because of a condition in a woman called vaginismus. Vaginismus is the strong contraction of a woman’s private organ muscles. A woman’s private organ closes itself, and it may be difficult for a woman to get intimate. This can also make it difficult for a gynecologist, to carry out medical examination on a woman.

It is important that you stay calm when you find yourself in this situation. You shouldn’t try to force your way out because, you might end up bruising your private organ.

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