Brand New Cherry Flavor Season 2: Is it Officially Cancelled? Everything You Need To Know!

Nothing beats a good scare when it comes to entertainment. The terrifying neo-noir limited series “Brand New Cherry Flavor,” which premiered on Netflix in August and has garnered a cult following, would agree with that sentiment. This group of people has fallen in love with the show’s eerie atmosphere and tense plotting, and they’ve happily sunk their teeth into its meaty revenge storyline.

“Lucy’s Eye,” a short horror film from the 1990s, serves as the basis for the first season’s storey of young director Lisa Nova (Rosa Salazar), who uproots her life and relocates to Los Angeles in order to make a name for herself in the film industry on the strength of her short horror film “Lucy’s Eye.” It is her ability that attracts the attention of director Lou Burke (Eric Lange), who flatters her by announcing plans to develop the short film into a feature-length film. When she refuses his sexual advances, he dismisses her from the project and fires her. Lisa, driven by a desire for vengeance, approaches the enigmatic magician Boro (Catherine Keener). Despite their best efforts, Boro and Lisa are unable to stop themselves from cursing Lou. As Lisa becomes consumed by her desire for vengeance, some pretty gnarly side effects begin to manifest themselves as new truths are revealed.

Will Netflix renew the series “Brand New Cherry Flavor” for a second season? According to an interview with series creator Nick Antosca conducted by ScreenRant, the show was always intended to have a limited run, but the possibility of a second season remains open for discussion. “We intended for it to be a self-contained story. Never rule out the possibility of a sequel if all the stars align, but we felt compelled to accompany this character on his journey. As a result, we took elements of what Todd [Grimson, the author of the novel on which the show is based] created and condensed them into a single story.”

With that in mind, let’s avoid using the word “never” when discussing the show’s possible future as we take a look into the past. Here’s what we know so far about the situation:

Brand New Cherry Flavor Season 2 Release Date

The second season of “Brand New Cherry Flavor” is only a theoretical project at this point, and it is impossible to predict when or even if another batch of episodes will be released in the future. Because no scripts have been written for it yet, and there is no director or production team attached, it would take a significant amount of time to achieve those objectives. If those issues were resolved today, it’s possible that a second season would begin production in the early winter of 2021, rather than later in the year. At the earliest, a second season of “Brand New Cherry Flavor” would not air until the summer or fall of 2022, which would be the most recent season.

Just to put that theoretical release into context, the first season of the show was approved for production in November of this year (via TV Wasteland). There were only eight episodes in that season and it took more than two years to write, cast, film, and finish post-production on it; the season itself was only eight episodes long. Naturally, the COVID-19 pandemic had an impact on the release schedule of “Brand New Cherry Flavor,” as it did on the release schedules of many other series. It’s possible that a second installment will be released sooner this time around because the lead time will be shorter this time around because pandemic-related protocols have already been established.

Brand New Cherry Flavor Season 2 Cast

There are a lot of deaths in Season 1 of “Brand New Cherry Flavor,” but the four main characters — Lisa, Lou, Boro, and actress Mary Gray (Siena Werber) — are all alive and well in the second season. Many plotlines are left hanging at the conclusion of the season’s final episode, tantalizing the viewer with the prospect of what might happen if the second batch of episodes is given the green light.

But, if the story were to continue, would any of the actors want to come back? A Collider interview revealed that Keener and Salazar were both up for another trip into the show’s universe, with both expressing delights at the “wild” and unusual process of filming the first season. The actress, Lisa Salazar, expressed her admiration for the actress, and Keener described the experience of playing Boro as “fun.” While nothing is set in stone for either actress, it’s reasonable to assume that both would be willing to return to the fold.

Brand New Cherry Flavor Season 2 Plot

That brings us back to those enthrallingly unanswered storylines. When “Brand New Cherry Flavor” comes to a close, Lisa turns down an offer to complete the full-length version of “Lucy’s Eye” and instead travels to Brazil, where she has family ties. The show never explains why Lisa’s life is so charmed (and yet cursed) in its first season, but the appearance of her mother’s spirit as a guiding force at the end of her journey provides a hint that there is some sort of ancestral magic afoot. The show’s second season will provide more explanation.

We find out six episodes into the story arc that Boro is a spirit who has been jumping from body to body for over 900 years after making a deal with a magical jaguar in order to gain political power, a deal on which he reneged when the jaguar demanded payment in the form of eating Boro’s wife in exchange for its services. Boro’s wife was killed by the jaguar anyway, and he was nearly killed himself when he jumped to a fresh body to keep his spirit alive after being nearly killed. As a result, when Boro was unable to enter Lisa’s body, he entered Mary’s — and Mary was already enraged with Lisa following an incident that occurred during the filming of the “Lucy’s Eye” short, which resulted in Mary pulling her own eye from her skull and eating it — and the two became friends

meanwhile, Lou has been rendered visually impaired as a result of a brain-eating worm that Lisa planted in a batch of bogus drugs that Lou then snorted. He is wounded, but he is still alive — and he is still in a position to seek retribution.

Do you think Lisa would be able to figure out who she is in Brazil? Would Boro persist in his efforts to infiltrate Lisa’s body by any means necessary? Would Lou continue to pursue Lisa? If “Brand New Cherry Flavor” does not go the anthology route when it is renewed, any of the above plotlines could be explored as potential future storylines

Brand New Cherry Flavor Season 2 Trailer

Brand new cherry flavor Netflix has not officially announced a second season, there is no trailer for season two available. You have the ability to predict the season ( season 1).

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