Behind Her Eyes Season 2: Will There Be Possible Netflix Renewal?

The trouble with a limited series like Behind Her Eyes is that the term “limited” may be used in a variety of contexts. Producers may aim for a programme to run for only one season, but if the show proves to be extremely successful, any imagined limitations are thrown out the window, and the show can continue indefinitely. Things can get awkward if season 1 neatly ties up all the loose ends, but this provides the viewer with a fresh incentive to watch season 2: to see if the programme can maintain the pace (see: Big Little Lies). This is especially true when a TV show is adapted from a novel, as is now occurring with Netflix’s Behind Her Eyes.

The series, based on Sarah Pinbrough’s novel of the same name, used a near-Day Valentine’s premiere to become Netflix’s most popular show by dishing up a classic psychological thriller with all the required components. The programme begins with Louise (Simona Brown), a single mother, sharing a drunken kiss with a man who later turns out to be her new boss, David (Tom Bateman). Against her better judgement, Louise befriends David’s wife, Adele (Eve Hewson), and things become more difficult when Louise and David begin an affair.

The Behind Her Eyes season 1 finale took an unusual turn when Louise discovers that “Adele” is actually Adele’s old friend Rob, who can project his mind into Adele’s body. Louise discovers this power on her own, and it completely changes the course of the storey. If Behind Her Eyes gets a second season, it will be very different from the first. Here’s what we know for sure regarding a probable encore.

When will the second season of Behind Her Eyes be released?

It should be emphasised that Netflix has not confirmed if it will renew Behind Her Eyes for a second season, and this assumption is entirely based on the series’ popularity. According to The Numbers, it was the No. 2 most popular title on Netflix in the United States at the end of February, as well as the most popular series. Because the world has been so upended recently, it’s uncertain when a second season will be released if Netflix purchases one. Season 1 took four months to film (through What’s on Netflix), from June to October 2019, with the show premiering 16 months later, in February 2021. If the same timeframe holds true, the season 2 launch date would be somewhere in late 2022.

Keep in mind that the four-month production time was before COVID-19; considering how greatly the pandemic disrupted productions in the film and television industries, season 1’s production schedule may not be much of a reference for what to expect in season 2.

Who will appear in the second season of Behind Her Eyes?

Assuming Behind Her Eyes does not attempt an anthology-style format and instead continues the tale of Louise, David, and Adele, the majority of the actors should return for a second season. However, all of the astral projection and bodily change may make it difficult to discern who’s who. Adele’s physical body dies in the season one conclusion, so it’s doubtful that actress Eve Hewson would reprise her role exactly as she did before. We also learn that Rob has been possessing Adele’s body for years, therefore the Adele we see was never truly Adele. Still, considering how heavily flashbacks were used in season one, we’re not ready to rule out Eve Hewson’s entrance just yet.

Otherwise, Louise, David, and Louise’s son Adam were all saved, allowing Brown, Bateman, and young Tyler Howett to return. Robert Aramayo, who played Rob, might possibly make a cameo, but only in flashbacks, as his character’s real body perished years ago.

What is the season 2 storyline of Behind Her Eyes?

Because the first season had a solid finale, it’s tough to predict what the storyline of a second season of Behind Her Eyes might look like, but there could still be an area for season two to explore. At the end of season one, Louise discovers that Rob has not only always been in love with David, but that he has also projected his mind into Adele’s body, and “Adele” has always been Rob. When Louise discovers this, Rob’s consciousness enters her body, and Louise’s consciousness enters Adele’s. Rob-in-Louise’s body murders Louise-in-Adele’s-body, and Rob then takes over Louise’s life, marrying David and raising Adam. David is ignorant that Louise is actually Rob, but by the conclusion of the season finale, Adam suspects something is wrong with his mother.

This ambiguity may be where season two picks up, but it’s tough to conceive how it would actually play out. Would the programme truly strive to make the viewer sympathise with Rob as he tries to deceive David and Adam since that Louise-the-character is basically dead?

Season 2 Trailer for Behind Her Eyes

We do not have a trailer for Season 2 at this time. According to the Netflix trend, the trailer will be published one month before Behind Her Eyes Season 2. You may see the Behind Her Eyes Season 1 teaser on Netflix and YouTube till then; stay tuned for further information.

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