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Bandits Pay Me N20,000 To Arrange Women They Could Sleep With For Them- Woman Confessed

Maryam had confessed that bandits had paid her the sum of N20,000 to bring ladies that they could sleep with in the forest.

Bandits’ activities have been one of the major problems facing this current administration, as they have reportedly kidnapped many people, especially those residing in the northern part of the country, for ransom. There have been arrests of many of them by the Nigerian military. Unfortunately, these miscreants keep on with their attacks and kidnappings.

Maryam Abubakar, a housewife and resident of Rugar Hanwa in the Sabon Gari Local Government Area of Kaduna State, has been arrested and detained for reportedly luring women, including her own children and nieces, to bandits in Galadimawa Forest in Kaduna State’s Giwa Local Government Area for their sexual pleasure. The woman has, however, confessed to the crime after she was arrested and revealed that the bandits did pay her the sum of N20,000 for this illicit job.

Don’t you think the Nigerian security forces should have used this woman as bait to catch the bandits who live in the forest where she supplies women? Share your view on this woman and the job she reportedly did for the bandits.

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