Apharan Season 2 Confirmed: Arunoday Singh is Returning, Voot Release Date, Cast And Teaser Trailer

One of the first teasers for Ekta Kapoor’s web show Apaharan 2 has been released. The second chapter in this action movie is just like the first season. It has a lot of dialoguebaazi and, of course, action. As a quick teaser, Arunoday Singh’s character, Rudra Shrivastav, looks ripped and says Indian lines full of masala in a Bhojpuri accent. This time, he has another job to do; he has to catch another dangerous person.

“Laut aaye hain Rudra Shrivastav – a naram-dil and garam-dimag police officer!” U.P.’s Apharan Specialists, whose job it is to make sure that your kismat is not broken. This time, kismat fights a bad “war.” Sabka Katega Dobara! This is the chakkar. Rudra Shrivastav, a police officer from the state of UP, is back. He’s known for his nabbing and kidnapping skills, and he’s also very kind. As a new war is waged in which no one will be spared.

A lot of people have been happy with the preview so far, and the audience has thanked Ekta Kapoor for bringing back the show. “I’m so excited! A person thanked Ekta, “Ma’am.” While someone else said, “Finally, Season 2 is back on Voot Select.”

For 12 episodes, the show was first shown in 2018. It also had important roles for Varun Badola and Mahie Gill, Monica Chaudhary, and Nidhi Singh. A lot of people didn’t like it, but a lot of people also thought it was good.

Apharan Season 2 Release Date :

Season 1 of Ekta Kapoor’s ‘Apharan,’ starring Arunoday Singh, premiered in 2018 and was a big hit. Once again, everyone is about to be slaughtered as we prepare to demolish ‘Apharan 2 – Sabka Katega Dobara.’

The ‘Apharan’ season 2 teaser trailer has arrived and Release date is coming soon… we can expect the apharan season 2 in june 2022 according to internal sources. it’s nothing short of spectacular. An approximately one-minute movie opens with actor Arunoday Singh’s Rudra Shrivastav explaining how a picture is a hit if just the villain is afraid, but it becomes a superhit if the hero is as well.

Apharan 2 | Official Teaser | Ekta Kapoor, Arunoday Singh, Nidhi Singh | Voot Select

Apharan Season 2 Cast :

Perhaps there will be a fresh start in Apharan Season 2. Season 2 of Apharan may feature some of the original cast members. It’s likely that we’ll have some fresh faces. On this page you can find a complete cast list for Apharan Season 1.

  1. Arunoday Singh as Rudra Srivastava
  2. Mahie Gill as Madhu – Malini
  3. Nidhi Singh as Ranjana Srivastava
  4. Varun Badola as Laxman Saxena
  5. Saanand Verma as Satyanarayan Dubey
  6. Neha Kaul as Madhu Tyagi
  7. Pawan Chopra as Commissioner
  8. Surender Singh as Constable Joshi
  9. Snehil Dixit Mehra as Sadhu’s Wife

Ekta Kapoor talks about Apharan Season 2 :

Ekta Kapoor talks about Season 2 of ‘Apharan’ and shares her thoughts on the project: “This show will provide the viewers with the suspenseful, edge-of-your-seat drama they have been waiting for! Almost everything will be doubled in size – from threats to dramatic scenes to action sequences to mysteries to desire to retribution. Each character has had their own unique set of characteristics that have been carefully considered.”

In addition, “I feel that each storey has something unique to give, and I believe that ‘Aparhan 2’ will be sure to attract the attention of the public,” she says.

Arunoday Singh expresses his feelings on portraying a grey character in the following way: “Season 1 of Apharan was incredibly well received and acclaimed by critics and audiences alike. To be given the opportunity to play Rudra Srivastava had its own set of difficulties and physical demands, but I was delighted to be portraying such a complicated character.”

It was a dramatic conclusion to ‘Apharan 1,’ which had a cop named Rudra (Arunoday Singh) struggling against all odds while delving into the brain of criminal minds in order to uncover the truth.

The cop will return for yet another tale of an abduction set against the backdrops of India and Serbia in the second season of the show. Siddharth Sengupta, Umesh Padalkar, and Anahata Menon collaborated on the story’s writing. The series’ teaser has been released, and it will be available for viewing on Voot Select.

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