4 Things That May Cause A Woman’s Private Organ To Become Tight Or Dry During Intimacy

A woman’s private organ is not meant to be tight during intimacy, if she is aroused. When a woman’s private organ is tight during intimacy, it may signify that she has health issues. When a woman’s private organ is not ready for intimacy, it may not give out enough lubrication for the intimacy to be comfortable. If a woman is aroused, her private organ increases in width and gives out lubrication.

This article will look at 4 things that may cause a woman’s private organ to become tight, or dry during intimacy. They include the following:

1. Vaginitis

Vaginitis can cause a woman’s private organ to become inflammed. It can cause a woman to experience pain, and itching in her private organ. When a woman has this, she may experience dryness, itching, cracked skin around the private organ and pain while getting intimate. When the private organ is dry as a result of vaginitis, it can make the private organ to become tight. Vaginitis may be caused by a change in the normal balance of the bacteria, in the private organ.

2. Vaginismus

This can occur when a woman’s private organ becomes tight by itself. This tightens the pelvic floor muscles during intimacy, which prevents the man’s private organ from going in.

3. Menopause

When a woman gets to her menopause stage, her oestrogen level will reduce. This may result to vaginal atrophy, which may cause the private organ lining to become thinner and dry. This can lead to less lubrication during intimacy, and it may make the private organ tight.

4. Sjogren’s syndrome

This is an autoimmune disorder, that affect parts of the body that creates fluid like tears and siliva. This disorder can make the private organ to become dry, and it may lead to the private organ becoming tight during intimacy.

When a lady experiences dryness or a tight private organ during intimacy, the lady can use lubricant, moisturiser for the private organ, or she may apply estrogen directly to the private organ. Ladies who have vaginismus, should see a doctor for possible solutions.

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