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3 Brothers miraculously Survive A Ghastly Motor Accident

BBC News Igbo took to their Facebook page to reveal that 3 brothers miraculously got out of a ghastly motor accident alive in Nsukka today. According to their post, the incident happened at Eha-Alumona junction in Nsukka, Enugu state, Nigeria. See the post below:

Although the survivors of the accident were not shown in the photos, the car was in the photographs which were uploaded and it looked badly damaged. The car seemed to have collided with a 911 truck which was on the photo too. See more photos from the incident below:

The post generated a lot of reactions from people, and Investigative Journalist, Kemi Olunloyo was one of them. She reposted the incident on her Facebook page and opined that it was the prayers of their mother that saved them. She recounted that those three brothers were very lucky. See her post below:

Julieta Chinagorom revealed that she was there because the incident happened in her village, but to the glory of God no live was lost. See other reactions below:

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