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200 People Killed & Buried In Zamfara By Terrorists And Nobody In The North Is Complaining – Deji Laments

Lately, there have been series of insecurity issues in different parts of the country, most especially in the northern parts. Just recently, it was reported that over 200 people were killed and buried by bandits in Zamfara State.

The killing of these innocent Nigerians caused several Nigerians to react differently, including a well known human rights activist, Adeyanju Deji.

While reacting, he lamented, stating it clearly that over 200 people were killed and buried by bandits/terrorists in Zamfara State, yet nobody in the north is complaining about the killing.

Indeed this is so sad and unfortunate. For how long must these innocent Nigerians be killed? With the way things are going presently in Nigeria, it is clear that those in government have failed those who voted for them, by failing to protect them.

If nothing is done now to stop these terrorists from killing innocent Nigerians, any of us might eventually become a victim. Something must be done now before it becomes too late.

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