1000-Lb Sisters Season 4 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled? Check Here!

“1000-Lb Sisters” has been portraying the trials and achievements of two sisters — Amy and Tammy Slaton — whose total weight was 1,000 pounds at the start of the first season in January 2020, thanks to the success of television shows like “My 600-Lb. Life.” Amy had her own YouTube channel before appearing on “1000-Lb Sisters,” according to ScreenRant. Amy and Tammy would post-cosmetic instructions, life updates, and a fat bunny challenge (in which users jam marshmallows or other things into their mouths and try to recite difficult words) in the videos, which received millions of views.

The twins agreed to go on their TLC reality show to capture their pursuit of weight loss surgery while also showing extreme weight loss from a different perspective. “Doing the program is one way to give us a different light since there’s only so much you can show on YouTube,” Amy told the Louisville Courier-Journal. “These is things that we deal with on a daily basis.” Amy’s road to having her first kid and Tammy’s effort to overcome major health difficulties that cause many setbacks on her own weight reduction quest are examples of this day-to-day material

For those seeking to binge another season of “1000-Lb Sisters,” here’s all you need to know about the fourth season.

This is the release date for the fourth season of 1000-Lb Sisters.

Perhaps since the third season of “1000-Lb Sisters” is presently showing on TLC, there has been no news about the fourth season. Despite the show’s near-instant popularity on TLC, many viewers are concerned that the third season will be the last, given that Amy Slaton has already accomplished several of her weight loss objectives and Tammy Slaton has struggled to meet any targets at all. In fact, as Showbiz CheatSheet previously reported, Tammy, who has struggled with serious health issues throughout the show (including being placed on life support after doctors discovered a blood clot in her lungs, according to ScreenRant), has only gained weight since the first season of the show was filmed in 2019.

Given that the show appeared to struggle to generate new plots in the third season, many fans are beginning to doubt the existence of a fourth season of “1000-Lb Sisters.” “I don’t think that anything is decided until the current season airs [and] they see how many views they get,” one respondent said. “I’d want to see it continue because I enjoy rubbish entertainment, but it’s coming to the point where there’s not much more story to tell until Tammy decides to do something with her life this season,” one fan commented in a Reddit thread. Another Reddit member in the thread said, “I’m not sure Tammy will survive long enough to witness [season 4].”

Who will be appearing in the show’s fourth season?

If “1000-Lb Sisters” returns to TLC for a fourth season, it’s quite likely that both Amy and Tammy Slaton will return as well, given that they are the show’s stars. Amy made her desire to conceive a family with her husband, Michael Halterman, her primary emphasis throughout the first several seasons of the show. Amy was eventually able to receive the weight loss surgery and give birth to her first child, Gage Halterman, in November 2020, according to ScreenRant. Another ScreenRant post speculated that Amy and her husband were preparing to have another kid, as Amy has stated that she would like at least one more child. Tammy, on the other hand, has yet to lose enough weight to qualify for bariatric surgery. In fact, Tammy returned from food rehab 15 pounds heavier than when she originally entered the rehab in a recent episode of “1000-Lb Sisters” that aired earlier this month, leaving many to worry if Tammy would ever reduce the requisite weight to undergo her weight loss surgery, according to People.

Darlene Rednour, the sisters’ mother, appears in the series as well as other members of the Slaton family. According to ScreenRant, the sisters had a poor relationship with their mother, who primarily appeared in the first season of the show to convince the sisters that they would never accomplish their weight loss objectives. As you may expect, her lack of support earned her few supporters on the show.

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